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New Zealand Cruises

A New Zealand cruise lets you discover the island's diverse landscape, from alpine mountains and beautiful lakes to rugged cliffs and sand beaches. Take a New Zealand cruise holiday and explore Maori villages, dine at a café in Auckland, visit a kiwi farm or enjoy the gardens of Christchurch.

  • Most New Zealand cruises also visit Australia.
  • The New Zealand cruise season lasts from September through March.
  • Most New Zealand cruises are 12 to 16 days.
  • You will cross the International Dateline and lose a day if you fly from North America to New Zealand to begin your New Zealand cruise. Furthermore, air travel will take almost an entire day. This requires that you leave your hometown for your port of departure at least two days in advance of your New Zealand cruise holiday, but we recommend that you leave three or four days before your cruise. This will give you time to relax and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most New Zealand cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel packages.

For a list of New Zealand cruise ports, click here.